Epay Wood: Ideal for Decks and Floors

If you’ve decided to undertake a new project – like replacing your floor or building a new deck/gazebo – epay wood is one of the top materials available. Homeowners who have epay wood decking in their homes just love the sophisticated look of the material, its splinter and slip free surface, and its extremely long life span. The wood itself is olive brown or reddish walnut in color and has a fine or medium texture.

epay wood

Epay wood has undergone many exhaustive tests to gauge its quality as a building material. It can survive for more than 40 years without treatments and up to a hundred years with treatments. The tree can grow as high as 150 feet, with the trunk reaching a maximum diameter of 6 feet.


epay wood

The correct spelling is actually ipe wood. The word is believed to have originated from South American natives.

Features Of Epay Wood

You may be wondering what makes it so durable and maintenance free.The answer lies in the natural properties of the material – specifically, its natural oils and density. If you are going to use epay, you will immediately notice that it is very dense. The wood has been given a 3680 hardness rating by Janka because of its tightly packed grain and fibers. The natural strength of the wood means:

  • It can outlive composite and pressure treated decking materials or even California Redwood.
  • It can survive heavy use and traffic without strain.
  • It can easily resist the effects of extreme weather and temperatures.
  • It can resist scratches effortlessly because it has no slivers or knots.

epay wood

In addition, the tight grain and natural oils of the wood have major benefits that include:

  • A stunning reddish brown hue that matures slowly to a gray patina
  • Excellent Stain and slip resistance which contributes to a surface that is safer than other wood surfaces
  • Firm structural stability that has strong resistance to decay, termite and mold


epay wood

A gorgeous deck built with epay wood

The original color of epay wood can be preserved through the use of environmentally friendly deck oil finishes. Other types of decking materials require extensive chemical treatments and a lot of routine maintenance. Suppliers like to maintain that their wood products are very durable but the fact is that only epay wood has proven it. Thus, an epay deck or floor will provide you with years of low maintenance use!